About Dr Henry Sinclair

Progressive Orthodontic Seminars

DR Sinclair has undertaken a 2-year post graduate course in Orthodontics,
with the Progressive Orthodontic Seminars. Specific training modules where undertaken including:

Clinical Evaluation, Records

  • Case Classification of 10 Cases All Ages
  • Generating and Computer Processing Orthodontic Records
  • Setting Goals, Objectives, & Limitations
  • Patient and Family Dynamics when Seeking Orthodontic Services
  • Timing and Start of Orthodontic Treatment

Cephalometrics, Dental VTO Predictions 

  • McGann Lateral and Frontal Cephalometric Analysis
  • Model Measuring with Your Computer
  • Dental VTO (Visual Treament Objective) Tool to Support the Treatment Decision
  • Creating Individualized Treatment Plans 
  • Non-Extraction and Bicuspid Extraction Treatment Option

Individual Patient Appliance® Application

  • Banding & Bonding Typodonts 
  • Bracket Variations Used to Minimize Wire Bending
  • Computer Design & Ordering of IP Appliance®   
  • Single Patient Ordering with Minimum Inventory
  • Selecting the Correct Arch Wire and Shape 
  • Range of Brackets Torque (RBT) for Predictable Incisor Positioning
  • Tie-In Techniques & Wire Progression 
  • The Alignment Stage

Alignment and Treatment Mechanics

  • Mixed Dentition Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Anchorage Setups for Various Amounts of Incisor Retraction
  • Extra-Oral Force Theory & Application (Cervical & Reverse-Pull Headgear) 
  • Applying Transpalatal Bars, Lingual Arches
  • Elastics and Coils for Force Application
  • Rapid Palatal Expansion

Mixed Dentition Diagnosis, Pre-Restorative Orthodontics
& Finishing to Optimal Occlusion

  • Diagnosing and Treatment of Class II and III Cases 
  • Predicting and Treating Incisor Advancement and Protrusion
  • Application of IP Appliance® Ceramic Brackets
  • Diagnosing and Treating Impacted Teeth
  • Identifying Skeletal Resistance and What This Means to Treatment
  • Anchorage Planning with Technology for Consistent Finishes
  • How to Finish Cases

Growth Prediction for Class II Cases
& Unconventional Extraction Sites 

  • Diagnosis and Treatment Planning of  Cases with Modrate Severity
  • World-Class Treatment Plans for Your Individual Patient
  • Gingival Display, Deep Bite & Overjet Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Incisor Torque & Molar Buccal Tube Diagnosis
  • Factoring Growth into VTO Predictions to Correct Class II
  • When Extraction of Molars or Lateral Incisors May Be the Best
  • Growth Prediction System 

Diagnosis and Treatment of Non-Growing
Class II and Class III Cases

  • Lower Lingual Arches, Utility Arches and Anchorage Planning
  • Dental versus Skeletal Asymmetry
  • Functional Shift Diagnosis
  • McGann Frontal Cephalomatrics with Computer Analysis
  • Using Growth to Your Advantage
  • Finishing for Beautiful Results

The Asymmetric Case
& Dento-Aveolar Bone Remodeling 

  • Diagnosis and Treatment of the Asymmetric Case
  • Cortical Bone Remodeling for More Non-Extraction Treatments
  • Correct Major Class II and III without Cooperation or Orthognathic Surgery
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of 8 Cases of Increasing Severity
  • Introduction to Skeletal Anchorage: Apply Forces to the Skeleton, Not Teeth
  • Bone Modifications to Control Vertical and Transverse Dimensions
  • Introduction to Dentofacial Orthodontics

Basic Skeletal Anchorage and Surgical Application
to Control Vertical and Critical Anchorage

  • Correct Gingival Display at All Ages without Orthognathic Surgery
  • Deep Bite is No Longer a Problem!
  • Orthognathic Surgery Computer VTO Predictions in 2 Minutes
  • Skeletal Anchorage Placement, Cutting and Suturing Exercises
  • Bone Plates versus Orhto Anchors (TADs) with Mechanics for Each
  • Coordinating with the Maxillofacial Surgeon, Periodontist, or Do It Yourself

Intermediate Skeletal Anchorage and Surgical Application
for Molar Intrusion and Non-Cooperative Plans 

  • Skeletal Anchorage VTO Predictions on Non-Growing Patients
  • Corrected Records and When These Should Be Made
  • Treat the Cases the Specialists Don't Want, with Ease
  • Improving Prognosis of Periodontal Cases with Ortho
  • TMD Patients & How Ortho Integrates for Successful Treatment
  • Common Orthodontic Problems that Cause TMJ Disturbance
  • Non-Cooperative Patient Treatment Plans

Orthognathic Surgery Alternative & Advanced Case Diagnosis 

  • Cortical Bone Remodeling with Known Force Applications
  • Anterior Cortical Anchorage for Minimum Anchorage Arches
  • Surgical VTO Predictions, Treatment Plans, & Working with the Surgeon
  • Dentofacial Orthodontics: Do More Than 'Just' Straigten Teeth
  • Skeletal Anchorage Applications for Easier and More Effective Ortho
  • Pre-Restorative Ortho for More Effective and Beautiful Implant Treatment
  • Growth Management with TADs to Correct Major Class II Malocclusions

Putting It Together: Periodontics, Maxillofacial,
TMD, Implantology, & Orthodontics 

  • Final Exam–Covering Over 1000 Orthodontic Principles
  • Presenting Two of Your Own Cases
  • Advanced Wire Bending for Better Quality Finishes
  • Complicated Multidisciplinary Cases that YOU Can Now Manage
  • Periodontal, TMD, Implantology, Restorative, and Ortho Combination Cases
  • Building Ridges with Ortho Before Implant Placement
  • Introduction to Corticotomy and Zygomatic Buttress Supported Mechanics