The improvement of dental materials now generates dentures that are more comfortable, more durable and fit better than your grandparents ever imagined. Many people, who are missing one tooth, several teeth or all their teeth can benefit from dentures greatly.

Without the support from teeth and dentures, facial muscles collapse into the jaw space, giving an aged appearance to the facial profile. With the aid of dentures, you will be able to eat and talk properly, things that people often take for granted until their natural teeth are gone.

A Complete Denture replaces all the natural teeth. The denture is fabricated before the teeth are removed. The teeth are removed and the denture is immediately inserted into the mouth. The Denture will help support the mouth during the healing period. Because the mouth tissue will gradually change as it heals, the denture will require a reline a few months after the initial insertion.

Partial Dentures can be made to replace only the upper teeth or lower teeth as required. A Partial denture may only replace one or a few missing teeth. Partial Dentures can only be considered where surrounding teeth are healthy, as they are required to support the partial denture within the mouth.

Artificial denture teeth are created to have the look and feel of natural teeth. Each tooth can be positioned individually and characterised to give a denture a more realistic appearance.

Dentures traditionally use soft tissue (gum) and hard tissue (teeth) for support. With the advent of Dental Implants, dentures can now be supported by implants in such a fashion that the stability of the denture feels almost as good as having normal chewing teeth. At Coolum Beach Dental we can evaluate your dental condition and provide you with individually tailored options for implant supported dentures.